Personal Narrative Writing Assignment

Personal Narrative Writing Assignment
Personal Narrative Writing Assignment

What is YOUR favorite memory of school?
Write an essay on the following: Tell about a special memory that involves school and why it is significant to you.

For example: (You are NOT limited to anything in this list.)
Sports, holidays, meeting friends, losing friends, rules, organizations, classes, field trips, teachers/coaches, etc.

Audience: our class and myself.

Give your essay a title. An effective title is typically one that serves as a window into your thesis. It gives the reader some inkling about what your main idea or point is. Title your essay AFTER you have finished writing.

Pre­Writing Exercises:
● Brainstorm to help recall interesting events in your life.
● Choose an event that you would feel comfortable writing about.
● Write your personal narrative.
● Remember to explain why this event is significant.
● Narrate ­ tell the story
● Describe ­ use the senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, smell) to help recreate the event
● Analyze ­ why is this memory important?
● Your narrative must be at least two pages.
● You may write in 1st person.

Write a story about something that has happened to you and why it is significant. It needs to be based on your own experience, but some details may be exaggerated.