Eco-Friendly College Lifestyle Tips

Eco-Friendly College Lifestyle Tips
Eco-Friendly College Lifestyle Tips
Being part of the younger generation, it’s important to play a role in the advocacy for a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Many people are feeling the effects of environmental neglect in the past, that’s why living green is constantly promoted nowadays.
Each individual has the capacity to make an impact towards a better environment, however small it is. Even with lots of things to do, college students can adapt an eco-friendly lifestyle.
Here are some ways how:
1. Use less car. If you happen to live away from campus, using a car may sound like the easiest means to get to school. However, using your own car can add up to the fuel emissions that’s already a problem in the atmosphere. As an alternative, you can use public transportation, join a carpool or use a bicycle instead.
2. Buy used. Anything used has much less carbon footprint compared to new ones. They are also usually cheaper. Non-personal and non-perishable items are best bought used. This includes used college textbooks, furniture, electronics, vehicles and sports equipment.
3. Switch off and unplug. Always remember to switch off the light when leaving a room. Earth Hour, a global event aiming to help stop climate change, was started on this simple act. In the mornings, you can open the windows for daylight instead of switching on a light bulb. Similarly, appliances that are on standby mode must be unplugged to save energy. The television, computer monitor, microwave oven and even a charging dock can waste a lot of energy when left on standby.
4. Save more energy. When buying new electronic products, try choose the ones with the Energy Star logo. They use up to 50% less energy compared to others. During the cold months, use an extra blanket instead of turning up the heater. Doing so will also help in your monthly bills.
5. Reuse, reduce, recycle. This is like a mantra for environmentally conscious individuals. Bring your own reusable bags to bring books or grocery buys when you can. Reusable coffee mugs and drinking bottles can be used to hold your beverage instead of a disposable one. Recycling is a great way reduce waste and carbon footprint. An ideal example is to use the back side of a printed paper when submitting college papers.
There are still so many ways to live a greener life in college and beyond. Always be mindful of the waste you create. A little extra effort and awareness on practicing eco-friendly ways are all that’s needed to make a difference.